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Dario was born in Giovinazzo, a town in Puglia overlooking the cliffs of the Adriatic Sea. The contact with art already took place in his native homeland, but it is when he arrived in Milan that it comes to life and explores the emotions he conveys through his paintings. It is here that he develops his artistic project and where he later opens his art studio.

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The resin art aims to focus on the color's ability to leave a feeling to the observer. In order to transmit something to the observer, it is then necessary for the artist to study how to interpret the relationships that bind him to his emotional state and identify the main interpretative functions.

Dario's goal as an artist is to create "circuit breakers of color on neutral and semi-transparent bases" so as to bring out in an amplified way the emotional impact of each of us in front of one of his works. In this way, through the reflection of the resin, it will be possible to "make the observer interact as if he is in front of a mirror".

"It is important to study color and what it can transmit to our subconscious".

The choice of resin for the realization of the works is not casual. The fundamental characteristic of the resin works is its reflection property making colors even more stunning, thanks to its high viscosity the resin reaches a high standard of craftsmanship with Dario's skills.

The realization of these works leads therefore to a twisting of the canonical techniques, re-adapting them thanks to an unconventional, unique approach. Thus, he manages to convey a sense of revolution that is structurally inspired by abstract expressionism.​


The artistic production, however, is not limited to works in resin. In Arte5 you can see works created with different materials, contaminated by abstract expressionism.

Dario's art evolves together with him and his emotions. Like every other artist, he experiments with different methods to express himself in a vivid way.

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Via Canaletto 13, Milano

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