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Commission Art: Novità


Dario makes resin works on commission, where a client wants to experience emotions through color and execution techniques with the artist.

The study and the follow-up meeting with the client will assist the birth of work meant as an experience, adapted to the imagination of the client. The goal is to offer a creative experience that focuses on the combination of colors as a vision of spirit and imagination.

"Ask the color to represent what you would like to feel and the resin to reflect your emotional state".

The works are produced in epoxy resin that, thanks to the combination with natural pigments, acrylic, and alcohol ink colors, guarantees excellent artwork capable of intensely interpreting what the customer requires. Brilliant colors that amaze for their intensity and that thanks to the resin produce a very powerful glossy effect. The experience between artist and client is thus translated into the realization of precious and unique artwork.

The resin works on canvas also present an incredible functional versatility. The peculiarities of this type of works are also to generate plays of light otherwise impossible, combining the natural ability to reflect light and colors, the use of LEDs on the back of the canvas. The transparency of the resin allows the light to permeate and be diffused in a unique way, transforming the canvas into a Designer wall lamp.

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